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Demand grows for Flexible Modular Displays. They can be re-configured to suit the venue and re-used with simply a change of graphics for the next event. Read more…mod-news
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At c3imaging we have been providing top class Print, Graphics & customer service to education for over 25 years.
Today, we work with & support over 200 Educational Institutions.

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Hints & tips for artwork

  • Add 2mm bleed to each side of your artwork
  • Artwork can be supplied in either Mac or PC based applications i.e. High resolution PDF’s, QuarkXpress, Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. If you have any queries about other applications just call us.
  • Please supply High Resolution PDF’s as single pages not spreads. Our software does the rest for you. You can always supply low res spreads PDF’s to show the page running order.
  • Send artwork as CMYK for small format print such as business cards, leaflets, folders.
  • Send artwork as CMYK for large format prints, although artwork can be RGB if printed as a Lambda photographic print.
  • Send all font and linked files used in your document. In Quark check ‘Usage’ for a list of the fonts and images you have used.
  • Covert all Illustrator text to outlines – then you won’t need to send us the fonts.
  • Only use actual stylised type families (i.e. Helvetica Bold), don’t style your fonts using the attribute palette.
  • Ensure the resolution of your image is at least 200dpi and imported at 100% in your program.
  • Send a printout/low res PDF proof of your document
  • All layered Photoshop files need to be flattened
  • Elements that use transparency or gradients should be rasterised or flattened. If colour matching is required please do not flatten or rasterise.
  • If colour matching is required please supply us with a hard copy
  • Images should be cut in Photoshop not in QuarkXpress
Memorise our phone number! We are always happy to help.